Game of the Year

1.Duke Nukem 3D
2.Dead or Alive
3.Sonic R
Duke Nukem wins it by a big margin, which is hardly surprising considering the size of his weapon... maybe he's been playing Dead or Alive.

Developer of the Year

Everyone`s favourite coding team Lobotomy Software win by a mile thanks to their excellent conversions in 97, even doing the impossible with Quake.

Best Saturn website

=3.Daves, Hardcore gaming
Wow! We actually won. Even if you voted for another site it wouldn't have made a difference, as we would've fixed the vote on this one anyway. And it was a bit of a 'leading question', wasn't it?

Best Gaming Magazine

1.Official Sega Saturn Magazine
2.Computer and Videogames
SSM win, despite a late burst by fellow UK mag CVG. The Sega Flash demo CDs and some (quite frankly) amazing new writing talent brought in this year seems to been the clincher for SSM.

Employee of the Week

1.Jennifer Aniston/Sandra Bullock
2.Danii Minogue
3.The rest..
My favourite godess Jennifer Aniston (Teri Hatcher was my favourite - Gary) somehow ties with the 'blokeish' Sandra Bullock, while antipodean bombshell Danii comes a close third. I think some of you missed the point with this category though, as me and Gary even managed to get one vote each!

Brown star awards

Worst Game of the Year

1.Tomb Raider 2
2.The Crow (city of angels)
Despite not even being on the Saturn, Tomb raider 2 gets the award. I think this is a good example of us subliminally influencing the result (like the Best Web Site vote), what with our anti-Core and Eidos stance. Stand-by for more UK:Resistance mind-control experiments...

Worst Developer of the Year

No surprises here, with Eidos cancelling or selling the rights to nearly all their Saturn titles this year they were bound to upset you all. Mind-control victory number two!

Wanker of the Year

1.Bernie Stolar
SOA loudmouth Bernie gets the vote ahead of Core, probably for single handedly finishing off the Saturn in the US by blabbing about the new system. Others you nominated included Noel Gallagher, Dominik Diamond, Marty Chinn, Dean Mortlock, Dave Perry (both) Nick Rox and Gary!


Things that annoyed you during the year mainly included the Eidos/Sony scandal, the non-showing of VF3 and the Spice Girls for some reason.