Yo! UK:R raps!

[To be 'rapped' in an American accent]

Subliminal messages in the hypertext code,
Got me killing pedestrians as I walk down the road,
The police arrested me and said "Man, why did you do it?"
I said "It's not my fault, UK:Resistance pushed me to it!"

Your mom told you that spitting at people was bad,
She didn't mention stabbing them so you tried it out on dad,
The police showed up and said "this time you really blew it"
You said "Don't blame me, UK:Resistance made me do it!"

If I say 'please' will you let me touch your tits?
Remember, if you say no, I'll blast you to bits,
You see pretty women on TV saying "Fuck me" subliminally,
But don't blame me when you rape them and get jailed until you're 93,
When they ask you for mitigation when you're up in court,
Don't blame the gamers, is not our fucking fault!

You're not our responsibility, we can't control your mind,
If we could, we'd make you kill yourself you fucking waste of time,
Don't blame the gamers, it's not our fault that you're not famous,
Killing people gets you in the papers and also the gas chambers,
Don't explain it by looking for people to blame this on,
It's your own fault, man, if not at least blame your mom!

"My son's been shot dead, that's a shame, wonder how much cash I'll get?"
"If I get a lot a lot I'll put a contract on out my daughter's head,"
"Seventy-two million, but I'll settle for a couple grand,"
"Wonder how much money I'll get if I cut off my mom's hand?"
"It's not my fault, I blame games and the media"
"And pornographic web sites that made me rape aunty Celia"

No way, I can't believe you're chasing the claim,
Sure, we all like killing people, but only in a game,
Learn the difference between the world and your depraved mind,
Don't blame UK:Resistance when life takes you from behind,
If your kids go mad you've got to look a bit closer to home,
It's not our fault, just leave us all alone!

Encore! Provided by Brian 2

Hey hey hey! I got somethin' ta say.
You fucked up and now you want pay?
Left your kids without a guide.
Behind law suits your shame you hide.

Fuck your lie's lucidity! You want cash for stupidity!?
Can't you deal with reality?
Or is your whole life one big fallacy?
Back off bitch! Or you're hit!
I'm really sick of the stupid shit!

You will know the rage you incite. For it is you we will spite!
My rage comes not from a game. God forbid I be that lame.
Games have nothing to do with it. It's just your goddamn stupid shit!
I hope someday you face fact. Or better yet it stabs you in the back.
The game of life you could not hack.
Cuz goddamn bitch You Don't Know Jack!