As any child knows, Time is an abstract concept of a spontaneous event given a fixed scientific value so that our one-dimensional Human minds can comprehend the infinite dimensions of Space-Time.

Therefore, one can extrapolate an infinite number of eventualities based upon a juxstaposition of known data against random variables, and when these results are held up alongside our life experiences and expectations we can attempt to theorise possible paths that events might take through the seemingly unpredictable dimensions of the Universe.

This is also know as Guessing

So for your viewing pleasure, here are our best predictions of what lies in store for 1997:

Jon m predicts:

Quake turns out to be not particularly good
VF3 is released for 65 quid with a cartridge
Sega release Drivers Megamix featuring rally and daytona cars and tracks
A sequel to NiGHTS is released and it's bloody good
Jon M gets besieged by autograph hunters at the ECTS
Somebody does a game with REAL transparencies
Touring Car and Gunblade NY are disappointing
Saturn and Playstation drop to 149 in february

Gary predicts:

Quake is stunning, improving on the one-player PC game, but lacking 'net options
Sonic Team dump NiGHTS, and bring Sonic back in spectacular style
VF3 is only a marginal improvement over Saturn VF2
Elvis Presley is given back by Alien abductors marked "Return to sender"
Digital Dance Mix will be a surprise hit
Drivers Megamix will let you ride piggy-back on human characters
Tomb Raider 2 will be the 1997 Christmas number one
Street Fighter 3 will be converted to the Saturn exclusively, also using the VF3 upgrade cart
The world is rocked by the UK:Resistance/Spice Girls scandal
AM2 release another Virtua Cop style gun game exclusively for the Saturn
AM2 also release loads of other games just for the Saturn.
UK:Resistance split up, and then reform to tour America

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