March 1st sees the official UK release of the Nintendo 64, and we would like to give our readers an opportunity to tell Nintendo where to stick their console by signing this handy form, which we will then mail to Nintendo's UK distributors:

Dear Nintendo,
Although I accept that you have made one or two half-decent games in the past, times have changed, and I am now very happy with my Sega Saturn and I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of purchasing a Nintendo 64.

I also understand that Mario 64 is a fairly entertaining game, but I feel that Sega have the finest arcade and original games exclusively on their console, and your decision to use cartridges and this attempt to excercise such greedy control over your developers is disgraceful, and will ultimately be your downfall.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I always thought the Megadrive/Genesis was much better than the SNES, and that Sonic the Hedgehog is by far the finest series of platform games in the world.

Still, no hard feelings.

Yours sincerely,

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