Soviet Strike in a tank. That's one way to describe Mass Destruction. A bit like Return Fire. That's another. It's a simple enough game, you're given a mission, which will usually consist of finding something and blowing it up. You choose your tank and then off you go. But it's the 'blowing things up' part that is the real hook of this game. You see, everything is pretty much destructable, whether it's trees, buildings or little enemy soldiers and it's all carried out in spectacular fashion. If you're one of those people who gleans simple enjoyment from watching big chimneys and cooling towers being demolished then you'll be very happy here. There's a cool selection of weapons to be found on the way to add to the fun, and yes, there is a flamethrower. Supposedly though, it's one of those games where you're supposed to rack up huge scores and that's quite easy to do considering nearly everything has a score value to it.

There are some lovely graphics in Mass Destruction. The game engine is a super smooth hi-res number and the pyrotechnic displays that ensue as you unleash devastating attacks on buildings and enemy vehicles are a sight to behold. It's no rare occurence to have the whole screen literally full of explosions, smoke and fire and it's all handled with absolutely no slowdown whatsoever. There are even some extremely nice reflection effects over the water aswell.

Ultimately, the simplicity of the game is it's downfall. You soon find yourself playing each level in much the same way. Checking the map, heading off to destroy something, checking the map again etc. A little variety in the gameplay wouldn't have gone amiss. A two player option is also sadly lacking. A splitscreen game would have made it a real winner in either a team or versus battle mode.

Despite the questionable longevity, I like Mass Destruction. It's an enjoyable blast, it plays well and it's easy to get in to. On top of that, the whole thing is nicely presented. However, you may want to check out Return Fire before you purchase.


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