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Your girlfriend calls you on the phone while you are playing your favourite game. Do you:

A: Turn off the Saturn, and talk to your loved-one for two hours.

B: Pause the game, talk to her for a while, then continue your game.

C: Refuse to answer the phone. Girls are boring.

It's time for the new episode of the X-Files to be shown, but you're still playing your favourite game. Do you:

A: Don't bother watching it. This series isn't as good as the last.

B: Pause your game, watch the episode, then continue playing afterwards.

C: Continue playing, video the episode, then watch it while making notes of any technical inaccuracies.

It's dinner time, and you're feeling hungry while still playing your favourite game. Do you:

A: Wait for your mum to call you down for dinner.

B: Pause the game, run to your local chip shop, then resume play

C: Reach down to the supply of crisps and coke stashed in your drawer, and continue playing

Your parents have been killed in a freak air catastrophe. Do you:

A: Draw the curtains and cry, then make discrete arrangements for their funeral.

B: Mourn for a couple of days, then get back to your Saturn.

C: Steal their credit cards and buy an import copy of Fighters Megamix and a widescreen TV.

It's time for your final exams at school. Do you:

A: Adhere to a rigorous revision timetable, ignoring your Saturn.

B: Revise often, but allow the ocassional break to relax playing some games.

C: Practise Akira's SPoD. Who needs to know algebra anyway?

It's a sunny day, and you've got time off from work/school. Do you:

A: Put some shorts on, go to the beach, and try to talk to that girl you keep thinking about.

B: Put some lotion on, and sit in the shade reading a games magazine.

C: Draw the curtains, the light is reflecting on the screen.

You get invited to a party. Do you:

A: Go, drink too much, and fall asleep in the garden.

B: Go, and talk to somebody about your favourite Saturn games.

C: Politely decline because your Saturn internal memory needs to be sorted out.

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