Christmas NiGHTS - Sega UK explanation

The trouble we had was that we were limited in the number of copies we could have (due to royalty rates, budgets and other stuff) and so we could not covermount it as it wouldn't have left enough for other activities. Covermounts normally require twice as many copies as the magazine actually sells that end up wasted as no magazine ever achieves much more than 50% of their print run.

Our priority at the moment is to sell more Saturns and so it was imperative that we did a special hardware bundle. By all accounts this has been very successful so that's good news.

The other part was to make it available to existing owners and the method we ended up with was a guide to retailers. Ultimately they can give it away however they want and if you're a regular customer of a particular store the hope was they would give it to you.

If all else failed we did give EMAP a quantity to give away when people subscribe to Saturn Mag and that offer is in the new issue.

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