Meaningless diversion#4
You may or may not know this, but we're about to have a General Election here in the UK, and it's also nearly one year since we formed the "legendary" UK:Resistance. So, to celebrate our birthday, and to embrace the democracy process, we thought we'd give you the chance to vote for your favourite UK:R feature or article and exercise your democratic rights.

Select one feature/article from the following list, and then send us your vote!

A: The 'test card' light news day picture (right)

B: The endless flood of 'Spice Girls' jokes

C: The 'No 64' anti-Nintendo petition

D: The innovative and 'quite frankly amazing' links page

E: The 'EDGE cover' April Fools joke

F: The 'UK:Resistance Touring Car' joke

G: The world famous 'Deep Scan' joke

H: The 'Is Dave Perry a wanker' vote

I: The 'Honey' picture (right)

J: The phrase 'Doom 'em up' in reference to Doom clones

K: The 'SSM Lobotomy interview' that we uploaded

L: The 'Satan series' of Quake news updates

M: The phrase 'Tomb 'em up' in reference to Tomb Raider clones

N: The 'make your own' VF3 announcement page

O: The gorgeous '3DUKR.gif' (below)

P: The Next-Generation 'talking crap' news article

Q: The 'Red Star' award ceremony

R: Our '1997 predictions' feature

S: The 'call yourself a gamer' test

Or nominate your own favourite here!

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