Tonights episode Die Hard Trilogy, special guest star reviewer Pete Edward

Graphics: 7.5/10

So obviously a Playstation conversion, the graphics are blocky, and the transparencies, while still pretty clever, do not work in the way they are intended, as they arenít really transparent. You canít see whatís going on on the other side of windows in DH1, for instance, which can be critical. In DH2 the graphics are even more blocky and the frame rate shudders along, although at close range, the villains are surprisingly realistic. Thereís a hell of a lot going on on-screen and clarity suffers as a result. DH3 has good solid graphics, and even a bit of lens flare when you drive into the sun! Just make sure you set gore levels to max, as the blood splats on the windscreen are COOL!

Sound: 7/10

Okay, nothing special, but generally appropriate and atmospheric. The vocal samples are pretty cool, especially when Bruce says ďWhoopsĒ after he shoots an innocent bystander.

Control: 6/10

DH1 takes a LOT of getting used to, and youíll find yourself bumping into all sorts of walls and doors, but stick with it, and it becomes quite manageable, and even, dare I say it, intuitive. DH2 is a whole different ball game. Even using the light gun, the lack of a calibration facility means that you have no control over the sighting of the gun, and end up trying to follow your shots and make adjustments from there. This SUCKS! It would have been easy enough to put calibration in, and there is no excuse for not doing so. DH3 is also pretty tricky, and the handbrake turn is so agressive as to be almost unusable. The situation is somewhat alleviated if you use the Nights controller, though. Apart from that, the car handles pretty well, and you can soon build up your own technique fo those tight turns.

Gameplay: 8\10

Despite all the shortcomings listed above, this is still an ACE game. The trick is to stick with it for a few hours until you crack the control method for each part, and then the fun begins. DH1 is great fun, and thereís a great deal of enjoyment to be had from running into the middle of a bunch of villains and letting loose with your machine gun. Similar to Loaded, except that itís in close-up, and its good. DH2 is fairly crap really, but I guess it does give you something else to do with your Light gun. Thereís a hell of a lot of havoc to be wreaked, too, and thereís a lot more going on in than in the V Cops. You can shoot absolutely everything, and invariably you do, accidentally, as you try to close in on your target by trial and error. DH3 is good fun for a while, but can become a bit monotonous. It has a high fun level, though as you get to run over civilians, and wipe the blood from the windscreens as they scream (not entirely in the spirit of the game, but youíre not going to tell me they didnít put that feature in for a reason!). Itís also very difficult.

Overall: 8/10

The main thing here is the sheer size of the game. Each part has many levels, and itíll keep you going forever. Die Hard Trilogy also has the saving grace that, faults aside, itís still bloody good fun (even DH2 when youíve got your eye in), and youíre certainly not going to get better value anywhere else. For my money, DH1 wins hands down, followed by DH3 and then , lagging behind with a nail in its foot, DH2. I canít recommend it wholeheartedly, and maybe you should rent it first, but it is rewarding if given the time, and it has something which few games seem to have nowadays - a sense of humour, albeit a sick one.


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