Okay this won't be a full review of Destruction Derby because I'm sure you know enough about it already and what ever I say loads of you will still go and buy it anyway.
I'll just tell you how it compares to the PS version which sold absolute bucketloads over the last year and saw it rarely leave the top ten. Why did this happen you ask, when everyone knows about it's suspect playability. Firstly, it was a great idea to do a demolition derby/banger racing type game because lets face it, a lot of people only watch motor racing to see the crashes. Secondly, the screenshots looked great. If I'd been one of the less well informed fools who rushed out and got a Playstation I may well have bought it too.

Anyway on to the Saturn version, is it as good? well, no it's not but it's better than I thought it might be. As you may have guessed all those nice transparent smoke effects are missing. The programmers haven't bothered to recreate them in the usual Saturn way (a la wipEout) by having loads of dithered pixels, instead you get something more reminiscent of 'Ivor the Engine'. The big screen showing the action in real time is missing also but that's really about it, it plays pretty much the same, maybe a tad slower. All the tracks and options are there and the overall presentation is nice. The big plus over the PS version though is that you don't have to wait 16 hours for the game to load.
So there you have it, if you must have Destruction Derby then the Saturn verison is enough to keep you happy.
Here at UK:R, only Daytona CCE will keep us happy........

UK:R Jon M

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