A huge hit on the PC, 'point and clicky' game Command and Conquer has now made it on to the Saturn .

The first thing you'll notice is that C&C comes on two cd's. The reason for this is that you can play as either the good guys, 'GDI', or the not so good guys, the strangely named 'Brotherhood of NOD'. Well,that's not exactly true. The real reason is that there are loads of FMV sequences filling up each cd, with a different plot unfolding depending on which cd you choose. For once though the FMV bits are actually quite well done and do add to the overall experience.

So what's the game like? Well you have specific missions to undertake, ranging from simply killing all the enemy forces, to taking out SAM sites or rescuing prisoners. It's all done by using the point and click interface which although would be better with a mouse, still plays ok with the joypad. Some of these missions take ages to play because first you have to build up your base and train new soldiers or make new vehicles. This is an interesting aspect to the game as it allows each mission to be played in different ways. You could choose to have a large army of cheap and disposable humans and try to win by force of numbers or go for a more vehicle based approach.

This can lead to some brilliant entertainment, especially when you amass a huge battalion and lay siege to an enemy base. Then send your whole army in for a 'mother of all battles' while you sit back and watch. If things are going well you'll here the dying screams of the enemy, if they're not you'll keep hearing 'Unit lost, unit lost...' as your little guys get get incinerated by flame throwers or crushed under the wheels of tanks.

Usually though, strategy is the best option. Position a couple of grenade lobbing soldiers to take out the gun turrets then send a decoy squad round the back to draw the enemy while the heavy artillery rolls in through the front door and flattens the base. Great fun.

Ok so the graphics are pretty crude,(you really could do this game on the Mega CD) but they do the job. So if you're in to this sort of thing you're bound to like Command and Conquer. Finally, you really can be 'Stormin Norman Scharzkopf' in the privacy of your own bedroom.

ukr:jon m

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