Brain of Brian
What ever happened to the fun?

Well, it seems inevitable that man shall fuck up all good things. Take for instance Mother Nature, or what's left of her after we got done raping her. Now look at the gaming industry. I can't even talk about a DC game without one of my brainwashed friends saying "Yeah, but PS2 looks better." Which made me ask myself, when do I stop picking and choosing and start having fun?

Ahhh, fun... Remember that? Where did we go wrong? Don't misunderstand me, I have a great time getting wasted and playing 60fps racing games, or sitting down to a good traditional Japanese RPG. It just seems that social interaction amongst gamers has gotten a little more primitive and aggressive.

In my opinion, this is counter-productive. The more diversity there is in gaming, the greater our industry is. If I were forced to buy only Sony products, I would have quit playing long ago. For example, I am very glad I got to play Final Fantasy 7. It was one of the best gaming experiences I've had, but then I played Panzer Dragoon Saga and FF7 quickly became a distant memory. Had I listened to all my friends and NOT bought the Saturn, I would have missed THE BEST RPG I have ever played. My name is Brian Agatonovic, not Joe Schmo. Don't expect me to buy the same games Joe Schmo does regardless of how cool he thinks they are. Individuality people!! It's key.

Another problem with our industry is that there is too much focus on graphics and not enough on new concepts and ideas. Not to say that our industry lacks originality all together, it's just the wannabe companies looking to cash in on the quick buck with mere eye candy. A 7,000,000 polygon piece of shit, is still a piece of shit and I don't care what Emotions the Engine is trying to portray.

Poly-Poop complete with brownish-green shading. Note the neat-o curved surfaces.

There is a simple formula to games. A) Use the hardware to the fullest potential current software will allow B) Use good artwork regardless of graphic resolution C) Make sure it plays as good as it looks or better. D) Use hot chicks as much as needed, but don't make it the focus of the damn game (Hear that Eidos?)

Actually, I am quite happy with the gaming industry right now because my favorite company is back in the race. What I am not happy with is the expected ignorance of humanity that seems to ruin all it touches. To the people holding out for PS2, more power to ya. It looks to be worth to wait. I will also buy a PS2, but I guarantee I will be jammin' my DC before and long after PS2 is launched.

Brian Agatonovic