Alien Trilogy

OP5NONONF9O5PNRNONONONORONO3YNON. No don't worry I haven't written this review in ancient Navaho like in that episode of the X-Files, it's one of the 32 character pass codes you'll have to input in this gameif you don't have enough backup memory in your Saturn.
Anyway on with the review. If this game had come out six months ago when the Playstation version did it would have been a much bigger seller, because now it's been pitched against Exhumed and it's fighting a losing battle. The graphics are nice, movement is smooth and glitch free and they've done a good job of creating an environment that recreates the atmosphere of the Alien films, but it really could have done with some of the graphical touches of it's competitior. Some cool lighting effects would have really suited this game.
Gameplay wise I think there are also some major flaws. The biggest being that the main enemies are those crawling face hugger things. Most of the time they come out of nowhere and attack you without you even seeing them and you often find yourself spinning round firing aimlessly in the hope you might score a hit. The other flaw is that the game is impossible without having at least the shotgun. Unfortunately there are very few ammo pick ups and if you find yourself up against a couple of the fully grown aliens and only have 3 shotgun cartridges left then you're dead mate. The big guys take twenty shots each with the pistol so you may aswell resign yourself to your fate.

If you can put up with the flaws though it's still an interesting doom clone. There's lots of activating computer control panels, and blowing up barrels of toxic fluid aswell as the usual secret rooms and weapons. There's a big lab on level 5 that has a load of aliens contained by big glass walls. If you shoot the glass it smashes and you find the place full of aliens and face huggers, if you've got one of the big guns you can create some serious carnage and have the floors covered in green alien acid blood. If you've only got the pistol though - run.

The sound effects are ok and the music is all ambient techno style which is nice and moody but maybe a bit dull when the action starts hotting up. Overall if you're a real doom clone nut your bound to enjoy it, otherwise I'd say go for Exhumed instead. But if you're a member of a certain video hire place then pick up Alien Trilogy and you'll get a good few days play.

Jon M UK:R

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